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What is a MOPA Laser?

The Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) refers to a configuration that consists of a master laser and an optical amplifier to improve the output power. The MOPA fiber laser is an innovative and advanced system that helps to get an amazingly efficient way for your investment.

It is a flexible system that can be used for pulse duration, and to simulate the features of traditional fiber lasers. The marking machines use a modulated seed laser to promote dynamic oscillation parameters. MOPA lasers are recommended for high power output and pulsing frequency ranges.

The MOPA arrangement provides better hold over peak power and pulse width by pulse tune functions that maintain high repetition rates at high power output. In brief, the MOPA fiber laser provides separate tuning for altering laser parameters. This system is usually optimized to generate quality colors and a prominent visual impression.

What are the advantages of MOPA laser for your application?

MOPA configuration is principally more complicated than a laser. The heat-affected zone is reduced for lower pulse energy which results in more feasibility for laser marking of metals and plastics. The MOPA concept can have certain advantages:

  • MOPA lasers provide the highest beam quality and long diode life

  • The optical intensities are low amplifier, as compared to intensities in a laser

  • A gain-switched laser diode gives more flexibility that can be favorable to neglecting the additional optical elements

  • It is simple to combine an existing laser with an existing amplifier instead of developing a higher output power laser

  • It is simpler to achieve the expected performance with a MOPA instead of a laser e.g. the required power is high for linewidth, beam quality, wavelength tuning range, or pulse duration

  • It may be useful to modulate the low-power seed laser by adjusting the amplifier’s pump power or adjusting an optical modulator between the seed laser and the power amplifier

What materials can a MOPA Laser engrave?

The MOPA laser marking machine can engrave over:












-PC plastic

-PLA plastic

-PBT plastic

-ABS plastic

-Carbon steel

-Silicon plastic

-Stainless Steel


Plywood Laser Cut Modern  Artwork
 Metal Business card Copper
Aluminum Laser Cut Lighting Abstract  Artwork
Sterling Sliver Laser cut Fashion Accessory
Leather Laser Cut + Laser Engrave Fashion Accessory
Architectural Sign Design Manufacturing
Micro Metal Machining Small Prototype
   laser Engraving Etching Glass
UV Print On Metal, Plastic, Wood

 Product Design + Industrial Design +  Development + Prototype


  Serving:    Designers, Architects, Artists,

   Manufacturers, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Students.

Micro CNC milling Machining Metal
Gold Laser Cut Gold plated
Way Finding Signage Sign
Micro Fine Laser Etching Engraving  Brass
Solid wood intricate CNC routing
Solid Wood CNC machining
Waterjet Glass Cutting
Acrylic Laser Cut Retail Display Design
Metal Bracelet precision laser cut
Architectural Scale Model Laser Cut Plastic Wood
Custom Signage Metal Acrylic
Furniture Design Backlit
Stainless Steel Businress Cards
Architectural Sign Design
Fabric Laser Cut process in fashion design
Fabric Laser Cut Silk Fabric Fashion Designer Michel Arvin
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